11:06 | 11 october 2017
Dr. Un Yong Kim, founding president of World Taekwondo and former vice president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) passed away on October 3. He was 86 years old. In 1971, Kim was elected president of the Korean Taekwondo Association. In 1972, he founded the Kukkiwon to operate as a brick-and-mortar “Mecca” for global taekwondo training and grading in Seoul’s…
11:30 | 16 january 2017
International Taekwondo (WTF) Tournament "Kazakhstan Open" on prizes of Beijing Olympic Games medalist Arman Chilmanov got G1 category.Information about 2017 certified tournaments was posted on the website of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). Planning dates are 14-16 April 2017.
14:54 | 05 january 2017
The main part of Kazakhstan National Taekwondo (WTF) Team is on the second training camp in Almaty. Trainings are held jointly with the second part of the team.Should be noted that first competitions of this year for the athletes will be held on February - "Turkish Open" (Turkey) and "Fujairah Open" (UAE).
13:18 | 25 november 2016
The World Taekwondo Federation has been honored with ‘Federation of the Year’ at the Peace and Sports Awards 2016 for its World Taekwondo Cares Program which has made a valuable contribution to the development of social integration and peace through sport.The World Taekwondo Cares Program was created earlier this year as part of the 2016 WTF Development Program. The program…
11:19 | 03 may 2016
In advance of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the World Taekwondo Federation will hold a Coach-Referee Joint training Camp on May 5–8 at the Taekwondowon training facility in Muju, Korea.Participating in the event will be 30 international referees from 30 countries as well as 50 coaches from 40 countries.At the camp, in-depth discussions will be held on competition methods, rules,…

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